Our mission at Home For Life Design is to provide comprehensive home accessibility & technology solutions that encompass the unique needs and requirements of every client we serve.


Home for Life Design was created to assist in meeting the growing housing needs of the baby boomer population who are either caring for an older parent and/or determining their own possibilities. This demographic contains 76.4 million people and 10,000 of them will turn 65 every day for the next 19 years. AARP’s Fixed to Stay Study in 2001 indicated that 90% of this population wants to age in place, regardless of needing assistance with activities of daily living. Current housing stock limits people’s ability to age in place - features like steps, sunk-in living spaces, narrow doorways, steps, tub showers and low toilet seats limit one’s capacity to live in the home as they age. The remodeling industry and home improvement stores are looking for strategic ways to offer solutions to barriers in the home and market services to customers who may not know exactly what they need in the home to make it safe for the long term.


Often times there is opportunity to offer adaptive equipment or design solutions that are less “one size fits all” and more personalized to the medical needs and occupational priorities of the home owner. This model of practice delivery is referred to as the “Person- Environment-Occupation” (PEO) model and is commonly practiced by occupational therapists.

This concept produces optimal outcomes when trying to identify the needs of a person while understanding what occupations need to take place in a given environment. Occupational therapists have the skill set to determine the appropriate “Person-Environment” fit and research indicates that patients discharged from a hospital after surgery are most likely to adhere to their recommendations versus trained assessors when evaluated during home assessment studies.  Because of this important fact, contractors, home builders and health care professionals are looking for unique ways to bring experts like occupational therapists into their model of service, adding immediate value for a new market of clients that have unique needs in the home.


It is from our experience in delivering home modification services and promoting aging in place for over 15 years that other organizations can benefit from offering Home for Life Design to their clients. Our unique approach to changes in the home involve implementing our SPACE™ (Safe, Personalized, Accessible, Cost Effective) program. This ensures the best customer experience and a quality outcome that achieves safe and healthy home designs for customers.