75% percent of home remodelors report an increase in inquiries related to Aging in Place.


The NAHB predicts that aging in place remodeling market to be $20-$25 billion.  That’s about 10 percent of the $214 billion home improvement industry.


Every day over 10,000 people turn 65 and that trend will continue for the next 19 years!  This creates a huge amount of individuals that are in need of home assessments and home renovation

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Home for Life receives requests on a nationwide basis for home renovation services.  These requests are derived from our firm conducting home assessments and providing recommendations for home modifications. 


By joining the Home for Life Network, you will be opening communication to referrals for these services in your area. 


We connect you not only to the clients, but to the products they need for a healthy home.  A licensed occupational therapist who performs SPACE home assessments in your area needs a trusted local contractor to service our clients.


Note:  All contractors are required to be licensed (if required in your state and field) and hold the appropriate liability and workmans compensation insurance.  Call us if you have questions or need clarification on requirements.

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