Professional Home Evaluations

Home for Life Design partners with therapy practitioners across the country to deliver professional Home Evaluation services to people in their home. 
Our network of therapy practitioners includes licensed OTs, PTs, CAPS Specialists, nurses, and home health professionals.  These experienced professionals are highly skilled in combining technology with their expertise and best practices in aging-in-place to deliver the most comprehensive home evaluation service available.
Why Request Through Home for Life Design?

At Home for Life Design, our home evaluation process goes above and beyond a traditional paper checklist.  Our partner practitioners use a highly advanced home assessment tool developed by expert Occupational Therapists, the academic community, and other leaders in this area of aging-in-place.


This assessment has been embedded into mobile and software technology to deliver a unique experience for both the practitioner and the homeowner, family, and caregivers.  The result is the most comprehensive home evaluation in the industry.  Our technology enables practitioners to conduct home evaluations in any home environment and location.


Through a "Person to Environment" approach, our practitioners will score personal safety and accessibiliy ratings in each room of the evaluation.  They will also indentify and define the home environment with pictures and even video.  All tools and info used and gathered in the evaluation adhere to security and privacy guidlelines for HPPA.


Sharing report findings, products, and solutions to eliminate barriers in the home has never been more easier or more impactful.  Homeowners, family, and caregivers can discuss unique products and solutions with their evaluators right then and there in the home as evaluations are being conducted.




AARP research indicates that almost 90% of people over 50 want to age in place or remain in their home during their older years.