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Home for Life Design ™


Our whole home assessment was created after 10 years of award winning practice and research into aging-in-place. It's designed around the four components of SPACE-ous living: “Safe,” helping to prevent injury through evidence based and best practices in home modifications; “Personalized," meeting your client's and their family’s individual medical needs and occupational priorities; “Accessible," implementing Universal Design elements and removing physical barriers in the home to allow a healthy and independent lifestyle and “Cost Effective," maintaining important aspects of your home within your budgetary needs.


Our client-centered, occupation-based approach to home modifications has been proven to help reduce falls, increase functional performance and decrease the role of caregiving in the home. Occupational therapists that deliver quality home assessments and home modification recommendations initiate the first steps to living at home for life. Aging in a designed environment, made only for your clients to support their lifestyle, ensures the best outcomes for continued safe living or aging in place.