Our Home Evaluation


Are You Concerned for a friend, loved one or elderly family member feeling unsafe in their home? 


What Options Are Available to help keep loved ones safe in their home and avoid nursing home placement?

Home for Life Design uses the best practices in aging in place. Using patented software technology, evaluators conduct the most comprehensive and effective home evaluation available to consumers.  

Our team of evaluators consist of OTs, CAP Specialists, and home mod experts all in the specialty of servicing aging & disabled populations.

Products & Solutions are communicated and incorporated into a  electronic client summary report to be shared with family and caregiver(s).

Adult granddaughter teaching her elderly

Every home is unique so we ensure a person to environment approach to finding solutions for your loved one.


Evaluations take roughly 90 min to complete, based on the home type and number of rooms.


Each room and function is scored for safety and accessibility so you can determine the most problematic areas to address for your loved one.  

Get Peace of Mind that your loved ones' homes are 100% safe and  accessible.  

Detailed Summary Report with Recommendations  is included with every home evaluation conducted by Home for Life Design and our partners.