Home Recommendations


The real value at Home for Life Design is our ability to identify home barriers and implement personal recommendations and solutions catered to your specific home environment. 


No other company provides a more individualized solution to aging in place.


Recommendations are based on specific data generated by your occupational therapy home assessment. It considers all budgets, lifestyles, environments and the occupations that occur there.


Home for Life occupational therpaists collaborate with professionals in the building industry who implement the chosen home modification services. Our Home for Life Network, works to keep the client at the center of the Home for Life Design.





Of homeowners who have made modifications to their homes:


  70%  said they did so for safety reasons


  65%  wanted to make the home easier to use
               for all family members


 60%  wanted to increase their ability to live at
              home independently


  65% wanted to provide flexibility to adapt to
               the changing needs of family members