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Consumers of All Ages & Abilities
Deserve a Home for Life.

What is Home for Life Design?


Home for Life Design® is a web application that enables CILs to quickly identify & annotate barriers in consumer homes and communicate recommendations to eliminate them. 


Accessibility Ratings™ are then produced & used to measure and track the success of home modifications and CIL services. 

Say Goodbye to Checklists.

And Say Hello to


How It Works?


Identify Barriers

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TEST DRIVE  our Accessibility Ratings™ Feature Today!

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Provide Recommendations

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Track & Measure Results


CIL Services

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CIL Services

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Visibility Into the Entire Home Creates More Opportunities for Your CIL Programs.

Gain Greater Visibility Into Home Barriers

From entryways to the kitchen, the bathrooms to the back patio, our solution helps CILs identify areas for accessibility improvement and better manage their organization's unique Independent Living services such as:

  • Entryways & ramps,

  • Grab bar installations,

  • Fall prevention,

  • Nursing home divergent programs,

  • Community re-integration,

  • Aging in place services,

  • Even private pay opportunities!


Centralized Tool = Staff Collaboratation

Annotate, Store, & Manage Your Consumer's Home Data in One Simple Place

During phone calls or in-person interactions with consumers, CIL staff now have a simple, centralized tool to annotate important consumer home safety and accessibility data. 


Boost engagement among staff and consumers that result in a collaborative path to help consumers reach their independent living goals.

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Call Center

Prioritize High Risk Areas of the Home
by using Accessibility Ratings

What Area(s) of the Home is Your Consumer At Most Risk?

As you naturally uncover and speak to your consumers about their home barriers, our solution will actively produce safety and accessibility ratings for the specific room.


Home for Life Design Accessibility Ratings™ are a standard metric to quantify environmental accessibility.  CILs and their consumers can better prioritize resources to focus on the areas of the home that present the most risk to independent living.

These metrics are also used to track and measure the success of CIL program & services.


Access 24/7, On Any Device.
Easy One-Click Home-Safety Summary Reports

Generate Reports in One-Click

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No more setting up Word docs or playing with margins until midnight anymore!

We're Excited to Announce
Our NEW Integration with CILSuite!




CIL Suite = captures all data about your consumer

Home for Life Design® = captures all data about your consumer's home

Over 3.500 active CIL Suite users can now combine two powerful technology tools to enhance their Independent Living services & consumer experience.


With Home for Life Design, CIL's now have a simple place to create home safety profiles for any consumer they serve.  Users can also utilize our NEW 

Home for Life Design Accessibility Ratings™.  These are the industry's new standard metric to help CILs and their consumers prioritize resources to focus on the areas of the home that require the most care and attention.

They are also used to track and measure the success of CIL Independent Living programs, services, and grant projects.

Are You a CIL Suite User?

Schedule a Demo to View This NEW Integration Feature Available Today!

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CIL Testimonials

Jane Johnson
Executive Director

Florida Association of Centers for Independent Living

FL CIL.png

Home for Life Design has become an invaluable partner for the network of Centers for Independent Living in Florida as we work to provide more standardized home safety assessments for consumers with disabilities. The platform empowers each CIL with a predictable and data-informed tool for identifying and prioritizing the home modifications needed to ensure a home is accessible and safe.

Mark Steele
Executive Director


We have used the Home for Life Design application with multiple consumers and we are moving forward with provision of services that will enable them to remain in their home and reduce the risk of institutionalization. 

Our Expertise Speaks Volumes

We Presented at the 

2023 NCIL in DC, July 24-26

"Better Together: How to Standardize Home Modification Programming Among CILs & Maximize the Outcomes."

When: Monday, July 24th 3-415pm


Where: NCIL Conference, Washington, DC




Rose Miles

Executive Director

Resource Center for Disability Solutions

Rockledge, FL

Carolyn Sithong


Home for Life Design®

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CIL Suite Demo

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