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Home Safety Assessment Software for Higher Ed

Innovate Your Fall Prevention & Home Safety Programs with First-to-Market Technology


Deliver the real world experience of professional home safety assessments to your student practitioners."

What is Home for Life Design®?

Home for Life Design is an online, environmental assessment solution that enables healthcare professionals to quickly identify barriers in homes and communicate interventions & recommendations to eliminate them. 


Accessibility Ratings™ are then produced & used to measure the success of interventions & any home modification services. 

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How Does Your Higher Ed Program MEASURE Patient Home Safety?

Say Goodbye to Checklists.

And Say Hello to


Empower Students With a Metric-Driven Home Safety Assessment Experience

What Area(s) of the Home is Our Patient At Most Risk?

As students naturally uncover and identify home barriers, our solution will actively produce  Accessibility Ratings™ for the specific room.

Home for Life Design Accessibility Ratings help professionals, patients, & care teams prioritize resources to increase accessibility & function within the most at-risk areas of the home.

They are also used to track and measure the outcomes of interventions & modifications.

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How It Works?


Identify Barriers

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TEST DRIVE  our Accessibility Ratings™ Feature Today!

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Provide Recommendations

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Track & Measure Results



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Web Application, One-Click Summary Reports
Access 24/7, On Any Device

Generate Reports in One-Click

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Easy Faculty review of student assessments and summary reports



Simple Annual Subscription 
Includes Easy, Online Student Learning Modules

Testimonials From Your Peers!

Western Michigan delivers to students the latest technology in healthcare service. Through the use of Home for Life Design's solution, we are preparing them to increase the level of efficiency and performance in Occupational Therapy.

Dr. Deborah Lindstrom

Western Michigan University

Our university clients include:


And more!

Dr. Karen Jacobs
Clinical Professor, Director

Boston University
Occupational Therapy
Distant Education Program

We chose Home for Life Design’s software for our students because it provides the most comprehensive evaluation of the home and gives our students real world experience with an innovative tool that is being adopted throughout the industry. 

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