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Home for Life Design®

Accessibility Ratings™

Experience the NEW industry standard metric for organizations and professionals who provide in-home safety & independent living services among patients, consumers, and communities. 


Accessibility Ratings™ measure the safety and capability of home environments to enable a person to perform any desired activity of daily living (ADLs) that foster & prolong independent living in their own home. 


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Our Accessibility Rating™ has become the ultimate index & visibility of safety and accessibility in any home environment. 

Only when environmental accessibility is measured & quantified can professionals better position their unique products, services, solutions and programs that will indeed eliminate home hazards & prolong independent living.

Where Accessibility Ratings™ Are Used?


Providers & Health Enterprise


 Colleges & Universities

Assembly Hall

State, Local, Gov't Agencies

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Non-Profits, Research Groups

Therapy Session

MCO's, Insurers, Payors


Consumer Services

How Are Accessibility Ratings™ Captured?

Accessibility Ratings™  are captured by observing activities of daily living. To determine the level of accessibility, users assess each activity & identify the environmental barriers that compromise function and independence.


Ratings are then produced with Home for Life Design's revolutionary environmental assessment methodology.  These ratings help care teams & families prioritize resources to focus on the greatest areas of need and are tracked during initial and follow-up visits.

Accessibility Ratings™ are EXCLUSIVE to Home for Life Design's software solution.

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