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Home for Life Design®  has merged the expertise and best practices in home evaluations with software technology to deliver a new innovative service for aging & disabled populations. 


Home for Life Design is an online, cloud-based solution that guides users through an innovative home evaluation to identify & eliminate barriers in the home. 

In the click of a button, users can produce and share a Summary Report including safety metrics, recommendation details, photos of solutions and products, and more.  

an Award Winning Home Assessment Solution 

* Built-In Home Assessment developed by expert Occupational Therapists & Aging-In-Place Professionals incoporating the Best Practices in OT & PEO Model Services.

  • Facilitate NEW Best Practices in Home Evaluations

  • Identify & Eliminate Barriers in Home Environments

  • Use of Technology for Productive & Healthy Aging 

  • New Quantifiable Metrics to Track Successful Outcomes  

  • Occupational Performance Rating & Metrics 

  • Fall Prevention in the Home

  • Satisfy Aging in Place Market Demand

  • Eliminate Manual Data Entry & Inaccuracies

  • Access Recommended Home Modifications & Products

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