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Persons of All Ages and Abilities Deserve a Home for Life.

Home for Life Design® is an industry leading, web-based, home safety assessment platform for professionals serving the world's aging adult & disabled populations.

We are the real-world answer to helping consumers avoid billions in high cost institutionalization, facility placement, readmissions, falls, and unproductive aging.

The result is a life-changing experience for clients, families & caregivers.

Home Safety Assessment Platform


Home for Life Design® enables professionals to quickly identify & annotate barriers in any home type while communicating client-centric recommendations to eliminate them.  The solution is a practical, economic approach to increasing safety and accessibility in the home to prolong independent living.

Our methodology and platform includes safety & accessibility ratings to track & measure outcomes plus determine the high risk areas of the home to help prioritize resources.

Quickly Determine Areas of Most Risk

Identify & Eliminate Barriers in Any Home

Founded by an expert OT, Home for Life Design® proves that the home environment is the cause of challenges to independent living, not the individual.

Expertise + Technology

We have combined our industry leading home assessment with cloud technology to deliver the best home safety assessment tool for professionals.

Even Major Universities use Home for Life Design in their communities & curriculums.

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Access 24/7, On Any Device

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Entirely Mobile-Friendly

Quickly and effectively identify barriers in the home and communicate real-time solutions to clients via your phone or mobile device.  

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Gain Access to Expert Recommendations for Every Room


Get Solutions for Any Room

One-Click, Home Safety Summaries

Summary Reports for Client, Family & Caregiver(s)

Home for Life Design® includes one-click summary reports with safety metrics, photos & product recommendation details.

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Deliver Peace of Mind

Why Home for Life Design®


Give Peace of Mind   

with Home for Life Design®.  


Purposeful, Effective &  Life-Changing

Talk with us today about how this application can impact the aging populations you serve in your community.

  • Avg. Yearly Cost for assisted living facilities: $48K or $133/day

  • More than 90% of assisted living costs are paid out of pocket

  • Less than 1% of total US housing stock meets  criteria to enable 55+ to remain in their home

  • Nursing Home Abuse cases are increasing every year.

  • Avg. Yearly Cost for Nursing Home: $90K

  • 90% of people age 55+ want to stay in their home for life

Utilized in Higher Education


Trusted by Major Universities


Our home evaluation methodology and process is taught and practiced within higher education and home health curriculums across the US.  


Universities Select Home for Life Design®

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