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Home for Life Design®

Aging Without Compromise

Home for Life Design®
The industry's first data-driven, home safety & environmental assessment solution for professionals serving the world's aging & disabled populations.

Prolonging Independence at Home

The solution measures the accessibility and safety of living environments across the lifespan and provides recommendations that eliminate barriers and hazards to maximize the health of homes and communities.

Quickly Identify Barriers to Home Safety
& Provide Recommendations


Home for Life Design® software enables professionals to quickly identify & annotate barriers in any home type while communicating client-centric recommendations to eliminate them.  The result is a life-changing experience for clients, families & their care teams.

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Annotate, Store & Track
Important Home Assessment Data 

What Areas of the Home Is Your Client Most At Risk?

Our software can quantitatively determine how safe and accessible any home is. 

Each room and daily living activity in the home can be assessed to determine what recommendations are needed to prolong independent living.


Produce Accessibility Ratings™ 
to Track & Measure Environmental Accessibility

Home for Life Design®

Accessibility Ratings™


Experience the NEW industry standard metric for organizations and professionals who provide in-home safety & independent living services among patients, consumers, and communities. 


Accessibility Ratings™ measure the safety and capability of home environments to enable a person to perform any desired activity of daily living (ADLs) that foster & prolong independent living in their own home. 

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Standardized Process
Consistent Experience

Accessibility Ratings™  are captured by observing activities of daily living. To determine the level of accessibility, users assess each activity & identify the environmental barriers that compromise function and independence.


Ratings are then produced with Home for Life Design's revolutionary environmental assessment methodology.  These ratings help prioritize resources to focus on the greatest area of need and are tracked during initial and follow-up visits.

Accessibility Ratings™ are EXCLUSIVE to Home for Life Design's software solution.

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Accessbility Rating - Follow Up.png

Access 24/7, On Any Device
Easy, One-Click Home Safety Summary Reports

Generate Reports in One-Click

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No more setting up Word docs or playing with margins until midnight anymore!

Trusted in Higher Education


Trusted by Major Universities


Our home assessment methodology and software is taught and practiced within higher education and home health curriculums across the US.  


Universities Select Home for Life Design®

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